It’s fall along Minnesota’s North Shore and golden days await, friends. The Sawtooth Mountains that encircle Lutsen become illuminated with autumn’s favorite colors: the yellow-green poplar, amber-hued aspen, flaxen birch, orange and crimson maple. Off-set this striking forested landscape against a magnificent Lake Superior backdrop and prepare for your heart to burst wide open with humble affection for this wondrous state we call home! Earlier this month, our amazing photographer friend Elizabeth_after60 on Instagram visited 142C to take in the October vistas and she captured these amazing images of her Lutsen Mountain gondola adventure for us to enjoy. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing! 

Lutsen Mountains Goldola,

It was so nice staying at Caribou Highlands 142C, so close to the gondola ride’s starting point.  The round-trip ticket on Lutsen Mountain’s gondola was well worth the money ($20) given the beauty of the fall colors. It even takes you over the Poplar River and has gorgeous views of the big lake and mountains.

Popular River at Lutsen Mountains, www.FromLutsenwithLove.comLutsen Mountains replaced the gondolas two years ago, so they’re quite nice and the glass is clear for photo taking.

Autum gondola ride at Lutsen Mountains,

I had mine all alone (I was there at 10 a.m. when it opened) and I kept moving from side to side as there was so much to see.

Riding to Moose Moutnain at Lutsen,

Fall colors on Lutsen Mountains,

I think it is a seven minute ride to the top of Moose Mountain, but it seemed longer.

Arriving at Moose Mountain, Lutsen,

Moose Mountain overlook, Lutsen, www.FromLutsenwithLove.comI loved the viewing decks. There are two. I wish I could have stayed longer and sat on the deck and absorbed all the beauty.

Lake Superior from Moose Mountain, Lutsen, www.FromLutsenwithLove.comI did ride the gondola last year with my husband and my cousin and her husband from L.A. They are world travelers and loved it. We sat on the deck and had a drink and lingered.

Moose Mountain overlook, Lutsen,

Moose Mountain overlook, Lutsen,

Then, heading back to the other side – a round trip ticket. Goldola ride at Lutsen,

Fall beauty covers Lutsen,

Lutsen Mountains gondola, Lutsen,

I enjoyed the charming, two level 142C condo, with a view that filled my soul.

142C Loft view at Caribou Highlands,

The deck has perfect sunset viewing.

Sunset from 142C Caribou Highlands,

The sounds of the aspens in the winds lulled me to sleep each night. I also loved that Oberg Mountain was only four miles away!

Photo credits: @Elizabeth_after60 published on
Elizabeth, guest adventurer + exceptional photographer, partnered with us to share these photos on in exchange for a stay at 142C.  

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