Oh, those friendly panda bears…they steal our hearts with their dark-chocolate-drop eyes, color-block patterned fur and cuddly disposition. Please know that despite the sensational headline and attention-grabbing photo, Teeny, the bear we’re featuring today, is not real. Rather he’s a really special friend to a really cool kiddo….IMG_5464

Last month as Teeny’s vacation in Lutsen was coming to a close, his human family was packing-up and getting things ready to depart 142C. But somehow this cozy plush panda managed to avoid “last call” and missed his ride destined for the Twin Cities. Rather, he settled in to extend his stay at Caribou Highlands Resort, perhaps to catch some of the seasonal autumn colors! Unfortunately, he forgot to let his best guy Aidan know his plan. It wasn’t until they arrived home that his family realized he was missing.

Almost as quickly as he was lost, Teeny was rescued and returned to the open arms of his favorite human…

This all happened because of the professional and big-hearted team at Caribou Highlands Resort who care a whole lot about the guests they serve every day. Teeny’s happy-ending story is a testament to their outstanding customer service.

Upon realizing that Teeny was in Lutsen, just shy of 250 miles away from his home in Plymouth, MN, the SOS went out for help. Fortunately, the housekeeping staff found Teeny and Kacy Schreiber, Caribou Highlands guest services manager, gently packaged him up…IMG_3626


and sent him on his way back to Aidan, including a very sweet and reassuring note.


While Teeny may seem like an ordinary toy, he’s a treasured keepsake from Aidan’s visit to Disney World’s Epcot Center.

A special thank-you to Kacy as well as Roxie, Wendy, Jon and Emily for taking such good and careful care of Teeny! #xo

Teeny the Lost & Found Panda bear story was first featured on http://www.FromLutsenwithLove.com on 10.7.17. 






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