Why waste time, right June? I mean, day two and you’re really putting on a show, Ms. Minnesota. Warm temps, bright sun, breezy vibe….after weeding the garden for an hour I came in to look at the temp gauge…88°. Time for a sipper!We had bottles of tonic in reserve from a recent gathering – actually for a dear friend Jason, who btw brought this stately and adorable glass as a hostess gift.

summer sipper ig shot

He is moving on to a new job, fresh opportunities and we needed to celebrate his awesomeness & what awaits for this one-in-a-million guy.

I started today by mashing up a strawberry into a quarter cup of tonic water and strained it so the fruit bits were in reserve. Next, poured the berry-infused tonic into the glass, filled it half-way with ice, added the lemon curly-cue and a tossed in a couple sliced berries. Then, filled the rest of the glass with tonic. And…because our mint plants are going and growing crazy this spring, thought that may add another layer of refreshment + flavor. I was right!

supper sipper drop at top

Thanks to Zach for pouring to get the fizz effect!

summer sipper pour squareIf happy hour’s within view, perhaps a splash of vodka, rum or your favorite summery alcohol may be a nice touch.

I should also mention I just upgraded from a Windows phone to an iPhone 7 Plus. Learning a lot, thanks to Evan! And, having fun shooting with the camera. I feel so grownup! Cheers!

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