Vacation mornings are the best, right? To put it simply, they’re golden. The start of a beautiful day just for YOU. A moment to lazily wake up and rejoice in the fact that there is no tight deadline in your near future – ignore the alarm clock, turn off the cell phone and disregard any and all school bus schedules – they’re irrelevant. Time slows. Coffee brews. PJs are a mainstay.

hero mug with moose in background

Last month it was wonderful to wake up early, enjoy a lovely cup of Fika Coffee and slowly let the body & mind settle into a day of R&R. What to do, where to go…or, perhaps simply stay. That’s where the chairs come in.

hero chair duo

Last summer we met Glenn Young, a legendary craftsman from LeRoy, MN who takes cedar and transforms his medium into magnificent keepsakes. Not only are the chairs, tables and swings he builds made to last, they’re welcoming & comfortable. His patio chairs are the best – roomy and designed with a discreet kick-out foot rest and a convenient spot to house your coffee cup (or wine glass), easily within reach.

hero 1 name

The deck at the condo is not spacious. Let’s call it a small-sized, and that’s being generous! Yet, it has a lovely view of Moose and Mystery Mountains with a peek-a-boo Lake Superior view. When we first met Glenn at the Mantorville, MN Marigold Days flea market last fall, Eric and I immediately were impressed with his woodworking expertise, and we couldn’t pass up his beautiful chairs. We hoped they would fit on the deck of the condo. We gambled and bought two….

hero eric reading with fireplace

We loved them so much, the next day Eric and Evan went back to purchase two more for our home use!

hero 3 chair with fire

We appreciate how precious time is when you’re on vacation, taking away all the routine & demands, the stress the run-around.  Special moments reserved just for you – or if you choose, with friends, family and the pups.

hero legs on footrest

hero eric reading full chair

That said, we hope our 142C guests also enjoy these lovely chairs and that they may easily sit and stay and ponder what they’d like to do on their very own day. Thanks, Glenn! Now…ready to warm up to the idea of some pool time…maybe just one more half cup of coffee. Cheers!

hero chair mug on arm rest




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