With springtime shindigs slotting into the calendar, and summer’s just a wish away, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a go-to party recipe that you could make in minutes, tastes delicious and…is chock full of good-for-you ingredients. Just spotted this summery dip on Pinch of Yum’s Insta-crave today, and knew what I’d be bringing to this evening’s happy hour 🙂

hero 4

I’d recommend this super dip for a picnic, dinner party appetizer pick or even a kiddo/teen gathering. Yep. Zach was heading to a bonfire with his buddies and was so impressed with the first batch of the tasty dip + veggie combo, he wanted to make an extra recipe to share. Wow!

hero 5

It all comes together in a snap. The fresh herbs are a must. And, I tweaked slightly by adding a squeeze of lemon juice and just a dash of sugar. The list of flavor possibilities kept running through my mind….olives + feta + oregano for a Greek inspired version; pesto or basil, ciao, Bella;  cilantro + jalapeno for a Mexican kick. Give it a try by linking here. Thanks to the Pinch of Yum team for creating and sharing such fresh, quick + delicious recipes!


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