The golden days we’ve patiently been waiting for are upon us, already warming our hearts keeping time with the rising temps! With the flip of a calendar page, June is off to a stellar start. Eighty-degrees plus a double-dose of Vitamin D and breezes that tempt us into staying out side to walk the dog, garden and chat with neighbors with while keeping those mosquitos at bay…

Evan ice creamAnd, heck yeah. Why go for a single scoop when you could order a double! It’s summer in Minnesota and we all know what to do…cherish. Family takes precedence and once again this season, I’m determined to make the very most of each and every day.


These photos date back circa 2008, when Zach and Evan were 9 and 7. Gosh, it wasn’t really that long ago. But it was. And, the world has changed. In fact, tonight I dropped off Evan at school so he could play in the commencement ceremony as a barely sophomore/almost junior. And, Zach and I were at the University of Minnesota for new student/new parent orientation. Whoa. Nothing stays the same in some regards.

DSC_0149But, the bonds and the love. The memories and the companionship. The anticipation for what awaits. When you boil life to a reduction of love and gratitude you realize what matters most. You find your anchor and steady your heart. You hold fast. And, you sometimes hold your breath. DSC_0129.JPG

But you also smile and anxiously anticipate those new adventures that await. Like celebrations, proud milestones, moments where you know you made a breakthrough connection, seconds where you see the reciprocal love, laughter that bridges generations.

Like a curious child discovering tossed treasures along the shoreline, you feel proud. Adventure awaits!


Reflecting on so many cherished moments, I’m grateful for this outing in Grand Marais nine years ago and can’t wait for another visit to the North Shore for more!  Throwing rocks into Lake Superior, seeking abandon treasure, observing brotherly bonds, sharing a meal at the Angry Trout and ice cream cones for dessert at Gunflint Mercantile.


Oh, what a wonderful world!

Cheers to summer and cherishing the precious days ahead. xo


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