amethyst sorting with EvanIt had been on our bucket list (pun intended, friends!) for a few consecutive summers, seeking some hands-on adventure at an amethyst quarry near Thunder Bay, Ontario. With or without kiddos, do consider this day-trip option which will take you north of the border and into breathtaking Canadian territory…Thank goodness for Eric’s savvy research skills. Searching “Thunder Bay amethyst mines” he scrubbed through to ID and narrow our options for prospecting the lovely violet quartz crystals. We ended up at the Blue Point Amethyst Mine, about 30 minutes East of the city. A winding gravel road leads to the open mine.

amethyst roadwayamethist sign

Admission is free, and when you depart you pay for what you keep based on the size of the bucket you fill. So, we nabbed a couple buckets (available at the entrance), and Carson too, and headed to the quarry. In retrospect, we should have brought some picks, rock chiseling tools and safety goggles – maybe a pair of gloves. In the middle of July, mosquito repellant would have also been a welcome addition. Good advice if you decide to visit.

mine horizontal

It didn’t take long for Evan to discover some treasures.

amethyst bucket & Evanboys with carson

amethyst beauty

In all, we came up with some beautiful souvenirs to share at 142C, pass along to friends and to take home. To get to Blue Points from Lutsen, plan on a 2.5 to 3 hour drive. It’s not too hard to find the mine with GPS or Google Maps, but it is definitely off the beaten path. Well worth the effort to gather amethyst.

daisies & clover


amethyst in hand

amethyst in Evan's hand

amethyst with boys
Exciting to take home amethyst souvenirs!


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