Soups on!

DSC_0106 2

Long day on the slopes? Warm right up to a bowl of this tasty roasted tomato soup with basil & grilled-cheese croutons…mmmm…good!

You can likely guess the gracious creator of this go-to recipe – Ina Garten. Yes, renown cookbook author, super-smart tv host, culinary heroine and a woman to admire.

This is not a tough recipe, and one that is always a hit – at parties or for a quite dinner at home, or even desk-side for lunch. I follow Ina’s Food Network recipe quite closely, except (there are always exceptions, right!) sometimes we add bell peppers or celery (veggie boost!) I usually make this in the slow cooker so the flavors can really sidle up to one another. Plus, when you’re skiing all day, there is nothing better than walking in the front door and being welcomed by a bowl of this deliciousness. Or, tell me how happy you’d be, after a long hike in along the Superior Hiking Trail, to cross the finish line, arriving at 142C to a welcoming serving of Roasted Tomato Basil soup.

Then, for the crunchy buttery grilled-cheese croutons. Sure you could dip your grilled cheese into the soup – nothing wrong with that! I like to cube my sammie and then put some on top, with a little more basil. Always, always more fresh basil when there is fresh basil to be had!

Spoons up!

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