While visiting Lutsen along Lake Superior’s North Shore, a summertime Saturday house rule mandates a beautiful 20-mile Saturday jaunt to Grand Marais. Yep…tough job, but someone has to take responsibility for strolling through the always lively Cook County Farm and Craft Market. This wonderful and welcoming open-air space opens from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and features local farmers and artisans who gather to share their gifts, offer a welcoming conversation and sell their one-of-a-kind goods…

Birdhouse on a stick, taken July 2017, www.FromLutsenwithLove.com

From freshly picked strawberries grown in Hovland to homemade pumpkin-flavored puppy-dog treats to hand-thrown ceramic pieces to Lake Superior agates to the cutest birdhouses you ever did see, there is much to enjoy!

Grand Marais hosts a seasonal Saturday market. Photo captured July 2017 from www.FromLustenwithLove.com.

Makers gather in the Senior Center parking lot located in the Northeast corner of downtown. A notable landmark for World’s Famous Donuts fans, just head towards Highway 61 after you pick out your goodie and you’ll soon discover these locally made and sourced treasures.

On our last trip, we saw earth & water-inspired artistic works by Grand Marais’ own potter Hannah Palma Laky. I’d been following Hannah on IG for awhile so it was exciting to see her wilderness-inspired pieces on display! All the dreamy colors…


Carson’s first stop was the Voyageur Dog Treat booth. Their Pumpkin-flavored nibblers captured his interest…in other words, we could hardly peel him away from the table! Then, he happened upon Bob from The Sawdust Factory. Carson insisted on a new food and water dish combo, handcrafted quality and made with love. Bob showed us how he etches the date the piece was made underneath the frame and scribes how many he’s built over the years. Eric and Evan ended up staining and finishing the dog dish to leave at 142C for our furry and four-legged guests…

The Sawdust Factory woodworking photo July 2017, www.FromLutsenwithLove.com

We also met the creative, talented and friendly Joan Farnam, a ceramics artist living in Grand Marais. She makes and designs the most beautiful + functional Talking Clay pieces at the Grand Marais Art Colony. The vibrant colors of her butter dishes, colanders, mugs, bowls, plates, casserole dishes, pitchers and salt domes were captivating. Joan also publishes the NorthShore ArtScene where she curates an ongoing comprehensive line-up of news and happenings in Grand Marais and along the North Shore related to arts, culture, activities and fun to-dos.

Joan Farnam, artist at Talking Clay, photographed in July 2017 by www.FromLutsenwithLove.com

So, we did pretty well! In just an hour or so, we picked up two pints of fresh berries, a new dog dish, Carson’s treats and a birthday gift for my beautiful SIL. Now, hurry back to #142C to see Evan…

Grand Marais - shopping success! July 2017, www.fromlutsenwithlove.com

And to enjoy those tasty treats!

142C at Caribou Highlands in Lutsen, MN - www.FromLutsenwithLove.com

Enjoy Grand Marais! I know you will ❤ #xo

Post first published on From Lutsen with Love in September 2017.

Grand Marais Market www.fromlutsenwithlove.com

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