July on Lutsen Mountains takes my breath away as flowers wild and free bloom with glory and grace. Looking through pics from our recent visit, I realized how many photos I snapped of lupine, daisies, clover, nettles, blackeyed Susans and more! For those of us whose hearts drift fondly toward Mother Nature’s beauties, this pictorial post is meant especially for you, with love. Wild flower 1

wild flower 5.jpg



Wild flower 2.jpg

wild flower 6

wild flower 21.jpg

wild flower 10

wild flower 3.jpg

wild flower 7.jpg

wild flower 9.jpg

Given Carson was along for most of these hikes & moments of adventure, figured he deserves a cameo; here he rests patiently among the little yellow cuties.

Wild flower & carson

This beautiful moth greeted us as we hiked the back side of Moose Mountain.

wild flower with moth 2

Thank you for letting me share! xoWild flower header

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