A bit misleading as no one is exhibiting hostile behavior. Here we are, savoring & sipping our glass of red, gazing dreamily at soft clouds while taking in the lapping Superior waves and perhaps watching mischievous otters sneak aboard tethered sail boats.


Actually, it could be described as the complete opposite — a 180º mood swing. How could anyone be grouchy with a beautiful handful of MN-picked blueberries gently nestled upon their plated greens. Think of every vibrant veggie and fresh seasonal fruit that tugs at your heartstrings…sweet husked corn, ruby radishes, addictive asparagus, crisp & crunchy sugar snap peas, earthy julienned beets, cutie-pie cukes, home-grown asparagus…


Crisp carrots, bold red onions, juicy grape tomatoes, beautiful berries, a variety of seasonal greens, grilled broccoli, golden sweet potato slices…

Eventually we’ll have to decide what to order at the Angry Trout Café. Visit after glorious visit, year after treasured year, in beautiful Grand Marais, MN, here is a Superior-side restaurant that has stolen my heart.

angry trout dinner

I’ll have the Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms with Fettuccini and homemade pesto again…and again….and again.  xo






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