Every now and then while moseying along to the North Shore — passing mile marker after mile marker — it only makes sense to swing into Tobies and take the legendary bakery up on its generous offering of standout goodies paired with outstanding hospitality…toby's hero 4

The iconic red-roofed restaurant complete with welcoming signage with ample parking and tidy bathroom facilities specializes in rolling out the red carpet for road-weary travelers. The decision to make a pitstop in Hinkley’s famous restaurant and bakery, the near-to-half-way point between the Cities and Duluth along Highway 35, is always clear as day. Yes! However, the decision as to what to select at their amazing bakery and updated goodies shop is not so simple…

toby's hero 18

Popcorn and lollypops; jars of homemade jellies and jams; pristine pickles and saucy salsas; and the world-famous showcase of baked delights from A→Y starting with apple fritters and wrapping up with the seasonal Yule Kaga. In between, you’ll have to hem and haw over what to choose and this certainly is no easy decision. Blueberry-filled bismarks, Oreo muffins, long johns with custard oozing from the inside out, Rosie’s Rhubarb Walnut bread, pecan pie, ginger molasses cookies, circular cinnamon bread (so good toasted with a smear of PB!).

toby's hero 6

The list…endless!

toby's hero 7

There’s even an extensive gluten-free selection…

toby's hero 12

Here’s where we netted out – an entire box of goodies to take along to Lutsen!

toby's hero 2

Plus, one apple fritter for the road (not needed, but OK), with coffee of course…and signature mints!

toby's hero 19

And, by the way, talented and trend-forward Tobies team members have been busy with oodles of foodie-friendly gifts, tempting trinkets and Northern MN-themed tchotchkes. Here’s where Eric had a tough time choosing…

toby's hero 10

toby's hero 9

CollageThis is not an advertisement for Tobies, just snapshots and highlights of our stop there. I will say that I’m confused as to why Tobies isn’t Tobie’s or Tobies’. But as I ponder that, maybe a brief read on the history of the MN institution is in order, which is located here. And, if you’d like to peruse their bakery menu in advance, click on over. Last, I didn’t even touch on their tavern or restaurant menus, offerings, etc. Will have to save that for the next trip!

toby's hero 17

Fueled up in more ways than one! And, back to counting mile markers…

toby's hero 20

Happy trails!

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