Novemberance Hike

ZE&C b&w temperance

These guys. This photo, taken lakeside along Temperance River State Park, holds quite a bit of treasured love. The last few Thanksgiving weekends, we’ve tooled up to Lutsen to take a break from city life and to soak up the North Shore magic. Time to wander around, watch C-dog excitedly lead the way, skip rocks, count skips, dodge Superior spray, and then stop. Exhale. Give thanks. 

The North Shore in November offers visitors plenty of options for rustic and rugged beauty regardless of snow, sleet and gusty winds, battered and scattered fall leaves. The quiet hiking trails remain still and welcoming. While the day’s light grows deliberately shorter, the afternoon sun’s lanky shadows stretch with resolve across the landscape. Chatty locals also greet us with a smile and warm banter about cool forecasts.  And although late-fall temps can be iffy, the last three years Lutsen Mountains presented ski fans with snow. The most challenging part of our turkey-day tradition is figuring out how to pace ourselves at the 6:00 p.m. buffet, an amazing spread! There’s a lot to cherish with this family tradition and am already looking ahead to the next November to remember!

EE&Z temperance

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