North Shore adventurers….you’ve seen the billboards. But have you detoured off of I-35, taking the Cloquet exit to discover Gordy’s Hi-Hat? If so, you’re miles ahead of me! If not, friends, it’s time to get 415 Sunnside Drive on your radar. Gordy's

Driving home from Lutsen, hunger was setting in. But, rats. The go-to favorite spots in Duluth were bustling, and we had Carson along. Didn’t want to leave this furry guy inside the car where we couldn’t keep an eye on him. Who knows what he’d do? (Zzzz)

Carson 1

But, it’s July in Minnie and the heat was on. So, we opted for Gordy’s, and what a win! First, check out the cool ambiance and retro vibe.

Gordy's Hi-Hat in Cloquet, MN is a fantastic pitstop on the way to Lutsen!Walking in, I wondered if Danny Zucko and the T-birds may swing in for milkshakes! All kinds of interesting historical photos and mementos capturing the legacy of this classically-cool Northern Minnesota hot-spot that’s been serving up tasty diner fare since 1960. Stepping back in time, they also had favorite oldies spinning over the speakers … Elvis, anyone? And, in true to MN tradition, Gordy’s also sells souvenir hats, t-shirts and logo-ed items. This sunny yellow tee caught my eye!

Gordy's t-shirtBecause we were trying to stay on schedule, I took a few pics while Eric and Ev ordered. Dinner was ready in a snap, and the small-town service was fast & friendly. Prices, too, were very reasonable. Gordy’s offers both indoor and outdoor seating, so we sat at the picnic table closest to the car and to Carson. So handy! They also offer a fenced-in doggie zone where furry friends can stretch and run a bit between mile markers.

Gordy's counter guests

Evan tried the fish sandwich, stacked high with four batter-fried fillet strips. While he admitted it was a bit challenging to eat with the smaller layered pieces, he gobbled it up. Eric enjoyed a double decker cheese burger, the daily special. And I went for the Cali burger. We split O-rings & fries. No regrets – soooo good. I loved the crisp iceberg lettuce and thick tomato slices. The burger was juicy and the bun soft and fresh.

California burger & O-rings at Gordy's Hi-Hat in Cloquet, MN. A fresh, fast & friendly restaurant on the way to Lutsen, MN.

We’re looking forward to another detour soon, especially as I read through the menu a little more closely. If you go, let me know your thoughts & favorite picks. And, if you’re still not quite sure if it’s worth the detour, peruse these testimonials, which may sway your decision!

Gordy's sign

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