Dog-Friendly Stay: Sit. Nap. Explore. Relax. Repeat.

Dog-Friendly Stay:   Sit. Nap. Explore. Relax. Repeat.

Even our BFFs—best furry friends—need a vacation, right? Those trusted canine companions work overtime, too. If you’re searching for a Lutsen-area vacation spot that is dog-friendly, here’s a hint…look no further than our pro-pup condo 142C at Caribou Highlands. In fact, the resort boasts 29 units – from condos to town homes to lodge rooms – that warmly open their doors to doggies.  Continue reading “Dog-Friendly Stay: Sit. Nap. Explore. Relax. Repeat.”

Happy Trails; Happier Tails

Uck + Carson. Superior Hiking Trail. July 2015. Fond memory from last summer…while the boys slept, the three earlier birds strolled along the wandering footpaths that ease through these majestic forests. You can tell who’s the leader of the pack!

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